Each week of summer camp is different! We offer a variety of activities, excursions, and experiences designed to best engage your Jr. Active Badger. For more details on the themes of summer camp sessions, see below. Registration for sessions must be complete 2 weeks before the session starts. Camp is held at the Bakke Recreation & Wellbeing Center.

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2024 Session Details

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Session 1: Go Green & Explore the Outdoors (June 10 - 14)

Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery into the great outdoors! Campers may build a deeper connection to the natural world through experiential activities. Activities may highlight the importance of conservation and “leaving no trace” when exploring. Through fun and engaging activities and field trips, campers may learn more about the natural world while developing an appreciation for the outdoors. 

Potential Field Trips: The Cubs (ages 5 – 6) may visit the Geology Museum to immerse themselves in Wisconsin history through examining rocks, minerals, and fossils. Students ages 7 – 14 may spend time on Lake Mendota paddling and enjoying Lake Mendota with Outdoor UW. A potential interactive visit to the WI Energy Institute will provide insight into wind and energy for campers ages 9 – 12. 

Session 2: Camp Around The World (June 17 - 21)

Campers may be taken on a journey around the world to explore countries and cultures. Activities include cultural crafts and games. Campers may learn about each culture and how the activity is performed traditionally prior to engaging with it. Campers may leave this week with knowledge of and appreciation for various cultures. Our Camp Around the World promises a week filled with a variety of diverse activities and a celebration of the rich tapestry of global cultures.

Potential Field Trips: Campers of all ages may get the opportunity to participate in indoor rock climbing! 

Session 3: STEAM Week (June 24 - 28)

During STEAM week, campers may participate in activities surrounding themes of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Students may be encouraged to think creatively and problem solve when engaging with activities. Campers are invited to join us for a week packed with hands-on experiments, creative challenges, and the thrill of discovery. Campers may be encouraged to think critically and use science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics to solve real-world problems.

Potential Field Trips: Campers ages 5 – 8 and 11 – 14 may visit Wheelhouse Studios where they will create artwork. The Chazen Art Museum may be visited by campers ages 9 – 14 while our 8 year old campers may visit the Geology Museum. Campers ages 5 – 7 and 9 – 10 may attend an interactive workshop about food science with BioTrek.

Session 4: Animal Week (July 8 - 12)

Campers may engage in a variety of animal related games and activities! Join us for a week of animal adventures, where every day is an opportunity to connect with nature, learn about the animal kingdom, and foster a love for wildlife.  Students may develop an increased understanding of animals and animal science. 

Potential Field Trips: All campers may get the opportunity to tour and observe Babcock Dairy behind the scenes. Campers ages 8 – 14 may tour the Animal Sciences building where laboratories for Dairy Science are housed. A trip to Henry Vilas Zoo may encourage campers ages 13 – 14 to learn about and engage with animals. Our 7 year old campers may explore prehistoric animals at the Geology Museum.

Session 5: Superhero Week (July 15 - 19)

Campers are invited to discover their unique superpowers, engage in exciting challenges, and embrace the hero within. Through a variety of engaging games and activities, campers may recognize everyday heroes and explore their own heroic traits. Campers may develop their self-image through celebrating their strengths. 

Potential Field Trips: Campers ages 5 – 10 may visit a local fire station to learn about how firefighters are an everyday superhero. Outdoor UW may be visited by students ages 7 – 14 and they may explore their own heroic capacities together. All students may observe a K9 demonstration and see how animals can be heroes too!

Session 6: Lights, Camera, Action (July 22 - 26)

Campers will take center stage through engaging in activities and games surrounding themes of film and theater. Campers will practice creative storytelling and performance in activities throughout the week.

Potential Field Trips: Students of all ages may get the opportunity to go bowling this week with the Sett. Wheelhouse Studios may be visited by campers aged 7 – 10.

Session 7: Aquatic Adventures (July 29 - August 2)

Get ready to make a splash! Aquatic Adventures is all about water-based activities. From paddling on Lake Mendota to Ice Skating, campers will cool off and have a splashing good time. Our Aquatic Adventures week promises a tidal wave of excitement, friendship, and aquatic exploration.

Potential Field Trips: Campers ages 7 – 13 may enjoy Lake Mendota while paddling with Outdoor UW. 

Session 8: Carnival Week (August 5 - 9)

Camp would not be complete without a grand celebration! Get ready for a week filled with laughter, games, and the magic of the carnival!

Potential Field Trips: Students of all ages may get the opportunity to go bowling this week with the Sett. Campers age 7 – 14 may participate in indoor rock climbing.

Session 9: Camp Olympics (August 12 - 18)

Campers will engage in team-building exercises and work together to problem solve. This week, we will highlight the strengths of each camper! Camp Olympics is designed to foster friendship, cooperation, and a sense of camaraderie. 

Potential Field Trips: Campers ages 7 – 14 may enjoy Lake Mendota while paddling with Outdoor UW.