Campers and counselors in kayaks at the Memorial Union Pier.

Now That You’ve Registered

Pre-Camp Checklist 

    • Watch your inbox for an email with next steps (emailed to you 24 hours after registering) 
    • Complete the Participant Information Form (linked in your Next Steps email) 
      • Authorized Pick-Ups: Please add anyone who may be picking up your camper this summer to the Authorized Pick-Up list in the Participant Information form. Additional authorized pick-up people can be added after form submission by emailing 
    • Have your camper practice putting on and taking off their swimsuit by themselves.
    • Attend Grown-Up Orientation (optional)

Payment Information 

    • All payments are due two weeks prior to the start of the camp session.
    • Instructions on how to make additional payments can be found here:

Payment Tutorial


Camperships are available to help with the weekly cost of Summer Camp. Individuals seeking assistance can request up to $200 per week to make the camp experience more accessible. Our team will take careful consideration of each applicant’s circumstances and final decisions on camperships will be made by May 1.  

  • Does not cover the $50 deposit cost 
  • Families can apply for assistance per session (9 sessions) 
  • Campership forms are available to fill out after registration  

Drop Off and Pick-Up

    • Campers must be dropped off and picked up by someone on their Authorized Pick-Up list.
    • At pick-up, camp staff will ask to see a government ID (Wisc ID card is acceptable) and ensure you are on the camper’s Authorized Pick-Up list.
    • If you are picking up multiple campers (siblings, friends, etc.), please ensure you are listed on ALL campers’ Authorized Pick-Up lists.

Grown Up Handbook

Please review our Grown Up Handbook and/or our summer camp policy page for more information.

Grown Up Handbook

Camp Policies